Guy Builds Iconic AT ST Star Wars Cat House

At times, the Internet seems to be run by cat videos and memes, but even though that might be true, at least each category has layers to it. One of the largest communities on the Internet is actually the Star Wars community. We have covered a lot of Star Wars builds, products and ideas here on Bit Rebels through the year, and they just keep coming. We’re literally bombarded with them each and every month. The creativity and imagination is unfathomably unlimited. I am surprised there aren’t more Star Wars blogs out there than there already is. This month one build in particular stood out and when we first saw it we knew instantaneously that we had to share it with all you awesome people. Behold the AT ST Star Wars cat house!

People spoil their animals beyond human reasoning sometimes, and they always seem to find a way to house them, well, sometimes better than themselves actually. For a cat owned by Berry Bernick, life has become a Star Wars adventure beyond imagination.

Wesley, who apparently is a huge Star Wars fan, decided that his cat was not to be housed in some crummy cardboard box or a mass produced shack that most like would not impress many people. Instead, Wesley took it upon himself to create perhaps the most epic Star Wars cat house in existence, an AT ST. The detail, execution and stature of the thing is as impressive as the paint job itself. This is no miniature model make for a movie, it’s a Star Wars cat house for a car, just to be clear.

I know there will be a lot of jealous cats out there after we publish this article, but as you all know, you can’t stop the force. I bet you that if you showed this Star Wars house to your friends you would have a landslide of excited people asking how they could their own for their cat. Give it try!

Wesley’s Epic AT ST Star Wars Cat House

AT ST Star Wars Cat House

AT ST Star Wars Cat House

AT ST Star Wars Cat House

Kenneth Sterling‘s (Almost) As Epic Star Wars Cat House