Guy Takes His Band On The Road, Literally! [Video]

The silliness we get to check out each and every day is sometimes epic in nature. There’s never a dull moment, and we are constantly on the edge of doubting that the things people send to us are not real or true. However, most of the time they are, and it’s mind boggling every time. I remember a couple of years ago, there was a video clip uploaded to YouTube that showed a group of people sitting around a table with some corn and a cell phone. They wanted to show what the radio waves were able to do to corn in order to show how dangerous cell phones were. As we all know, it became one of those huge viral videos, and it popped the corn and made into… well, popcorn.

It was of course all fake, and after a couple of weeks, the creators came forward in the media and showed us how they had accomplished the whole thing. We shouldn’t start doubting things just because of this video since sometimes you can really tell that the videos that go viral are actually real. That is the case with a video uploaded yesterday (October 2nd, 2011), which I think will go viral within the day.

It is a Russian band that instead of taking their band on the road the typical way, they literally did it by constructing a platform attached to a motorcycle. They loaded their entire band onto the thing, went out on the streets and started playing. An amused driver captured the whole thing on video, and it is nothing less than AWESOME! I am sure it is pretty dangerous, and if the cops were to have seen it, I am sure they would get a hefty fine or even their licenses withdrawn. It’s a brilliant build and an awesome video… but please don’t try this at home! I have no idea what the band is called but they are actually pretty good!

Motorcycle Band Build Viral Video

Via: [Neatorama]