Team Of Fans Build Very Realistic Half-Scale Tie Fighter Replica

Fans are starting to get really excited about the upcoming Star Wars movies, so much so that there is a whole lot of new found creativity being inspired around the world. Some ideas are more epic than others, but they are all due to the anticipation of the new movies. It is said that almost all of the original Star Wars cast is going to make an appearance in the new movies. For now, we’ll just have to settle for things like this incredibly cool half-scale tie fighter replica.

Yes, that is correct! This super impressive half-scale tie fighter replica is the brainchild of Michael Schramm and the team at Project X1. It’s supposed to be unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration Europe and could possibly be the most epic Star Wars build yet, not including the real set and prop pieces themselves that is. Imagining that this thing is actually just half scale is something that keeps boggling my mind.

It took Michael and the team over 1,000 man hours and a budget of $20,000 to completely build this half-scale tie fighter replica, and there’s no doubt it will make Star Wars fans drool when they finally have a look at it in real life. Don’t think that it’s a light piece either since it weighs in at a geeky 1.4 tons. Since this is just a half-scale model, it should give you an idea about how much a real tie fighter would weigh if it was brought into our real world.

You might remember the super enthusiastic fans currently building a life-size Millennium Falcon in their spare time. Well, this one should come in quite handy if they want to role play their way into the next millennium, or possibly another universe. If anything, this tie fighter replica that Michael and the Project X1 team are building should be quite impressive to behold once it’s finished (just like the Millennium Falcon will be once it is finished as well). Now, the only thing missing is of course the real life lightsabers, right?

Half-Scale Tie Fighter Replica – German Presentation




Via: [The Awesomer]