Hands-Free Sandwich Holder: When Working Is More Important

We have all been there.  It’s that moment when you suddenly realize that optimizing yourself is more necessary than anything that has to be optimized.  You sit there and tap away at the keyboard realizing that your deadline is coming towards you like a mountain wall while you’re driving your Ferrari.  It’s a horrible feeling that keeps you on edge.  The problem with deadlines is that you always stress towards the end of them.  Every designer knows that cutting the time down just a little bit might give you the lead over your competition.  However, when time is simply not enough, you start optimizing and the first thing to go is your lunch.  You have discovered that lunch is not necessary, since you will have dinner in a few hours anyway.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Invest in the Hands-Free Sandwich (hamburger) Holder and your problems will be over.  Slide your carefully created sandwich into the holder (or ask a co-worker to do it for you for further optimization) and just code away.  You’ll be able to take a bite and type at the same time without any distractions whatsoever.

I haven’t been able to discover the root source of this awesome little product, so I haven’t been able to find if it’s a true product or what the price is.  However, it’s one of the geekiest products I have seen in quite a while and that’s saying a lot.  I can just picture the stares we’d get sporting one of these in public working away on our laptop or iPad.  That would truly boost our geek points, and it could turn a novice geek into an ubergeek.  Consider it to be the first Hands-Free Sandwich Holder aka Bluetooth Sandwich Holder.

Hands-Free Sandwich Holder Concept Design

Via: [Nakuma]