Harry Potter Fan Creates Insane Portrait In Corn Field

Now that the saga of Harry Potter is about to end, at least on the silver screen, there is a huge sadness in the world it seems. There were initial reports of mourning in London for the last installment of the franchise, which has shot pretty much all the characters to stardom through the years. Harry Potter’s following is huge, and I am sure there will be groups set up to help people try to make do without any more books from J.K. Rowlings about the boy wizard most of us have found to be quite awesome.

There is one fan farmer that just couldn’t stand the goodbye without showing the world his appreciation for the book series, so he went all out creating what could only be described as a vast shrine to Harry Potter. It’s one of the world’s largest portraits ever created in a crop field, and it’s one of those “you have to see it to believe it” kind of moments created by farmer Top Pearsy from York, England.

The portrait, which is really two separate yet identical images of Harry Potter is a wonderful sight that I am sure will last you a lifetime. Don’t expect it to appear before your eyes on the ground though. There is a twist behind it all, and that is that you will probably need a magic broom (or plan a helicopter ride) to be able to see it because it is only visible to the human eye from the air. What a sight!

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 Harry Potter Corn Field Portrait

Via: [GeekTyrant]