Harry Potter: Every Chapter Ever Written Illustrated In One Image

As I’ve written before, I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. Before you start judging me, answer this… When was the last time you read a big thick book like that cover to cover? That’s what I thought. I can find inspiring things online about books, and that makes me just as happy. For example, have you seen this Book Fountain? It’s brilliant in every way.

Besides, why would I need to read the actual Harry Potter books when there is everything you could ever want to know about it online? It’s like watching the abbreviated version of the Olympics in 140 characters on Twitter. It’s such a luxury to be able to do that!

Here is yet another example of Harry Potter loveliness which is apparently knocking people over with waves of nostalgia. This is every single Harry Potter chapter illustrated in one image. Whoa! This piece of geek history was created by Reddit user ajcfood. This reminds me of the time that teenage girl wrote an entire chapter of Harry Potter on the bathroom stall wall at her high school. It took her four days to do it, and she hung an “out of order” sign on the stall, locked it, and crawled out from the bottom each day to keep people out of it until she finished her masterpiece. You can see it all on Harry Potter Written On A Bathroom Stall Wall.

Between that, this illustration, and the other hundreds if not thousands of things I’ve seen that are inspired by Harry Potter, I don’t think I’ll have to actually read the books or see the movies anytime soon. The comments about this illustration on Reddit are so sweet. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll enjoy reading them I’m sure. You can check that out at Every Harry Potter Chapter Illustration.

Click Harry Potter Illustration For Enlarged Image


Via: [Geekologie]