Harry Potter Written On A Bathroom Stall Wall

This story has been out for about a week. I saw it the day it started circulating the Internet, but I didn’t write about it then because there simply weren’t enough details for me. Since then, I’ve been following the progress, and it’s very interesting how it’s all unfolded.

At first, Harry Potter fans were geekiliciously excited about seeing a picture of the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone written on a bathroom stall wall. Nobody knew where the bathroom stall was or who wrote it. Everyone just assumed it was some anally obsessed person (probably with hemorrhoids) who got bored and decided to create some permanent reading material in a bathroom stall. Then reports came out that it was a 17 year old girl who did it, and people were perplexed. Where was the stall and why would she do that? Still the information was sketchy.

Now that I have all the correct info, I have to share this with you. Of all things, this deserves a place on Bit Rebels not only for the creativity and originality, but also for the over-the-top geek factor. The 17 year old girl in question is Caitlin Gallagher. She wrote this chapter out of Harry Potter in a bathroom stall at her high school. Why did she do it?  It’s simply because she’s probably the biggest Harry Potter fan on the planet.

It took her about four hours, which she divided up over four days. Each day she would go into the stall and write for about an hour. Then she would lock the door of the stall, crawl out from underneath, and post an “Out of Order” sign on the outside of the door with tape until the next day. This went on for four days in a row, after school. She used up three sharpie markers in the process.  Very nice Caitlin!

First Chapter Harry Potter Bathroom

Harry Potter in Bathroom Stall