Have Dog Owners Finally Gone Too Far?

Alright, this one might upset some people, but it will also bring a smile to a lot of others. I don’t really know what camp I am going to choose yet. I was brought up with a lot of dogs in the house (Leonberger) so I know what is entailed with trimming your dog to make him or her look like a model specimen. “Best In Show” is echoing way too familiar in my head when I think of dogs.

The thing is that some people won’t stop there. They do everything they can to make their dog look unique, and quite honestly, ridiculous. I wonder if they know that even dogs can feel humility and shame, and sporting the “latest” hair cut isn’t exactly what your dog would consider a loving action.

At these shows, you see pretty much everything, and that’s why it brought a little smile of annoyance to my face that some people just doesn’t know when to give it a break. Sure, some of these “cuts” are customary for the particular breed, but some are FAR from what the dog was bred to look like. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. But I, for one, can say that some of these are just ridiculous and I feel for the dogs that have to walk around looking like this.

I recal my own mother taking me to the barber when I was little, about 9ish, and she confidently asked the barber to cut my hair in the latest fashion. Let’s just say that I wasn’t too confident when I got to school the next day. Let’s just leave it at that…