Here Is The Undead Side Of Super Mario!

There is no mistaking that vampires, zombies and undeads are a hot topic of the present. Pretty much every movie that is released right now has some element of one or more of these things. It seems like we are so overly excited about the undead and the rotting of forever that we just can’t get enough of it. However, it wasn’t long ago that movies with the undead walking the streets eating our brains were considered “B” movies.

When will this trend start to invade our games? Well, it already has started, kind of. We have seen it for some time, but the undead aren’t really dominating the feature so to speak. World of Warcraft is one example of a game that has the undead well represented in the game, but not to the extent to headline the game itself.

So what’s next? Will we see Super Mario killing off some unexpected inhabitants of the kingdom in his go-kart? It’s highly doubtful, but the idea is thrilling in a morbid way. I am sure you have thought about it sometime. How would Super Mario be if he became one of the bad guys? What if he was killed and came back as a zombie? Well, I think I can answer that. Here’s how Super Mario would look like if he was turned into a zombie. He’s sure to scare the hat off of any kid I believe!