Hipster Style Illustrated On A Funny Credit Card Bill [Infographic]

Since I’m a geek, and I’m completely immersed in geek culture, it always makes me giggle when I meet people who don’t understand what a geek is. You can always tell who those people are because they think being a geek is equivalent to having a social handicap or something. Just remember, not everyone who is a geek acts like Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory. I realized today that I kind of think the same way when it comes to hipsters. Everything about the hipster style and attitude is foreign to me, and quite frankly, a bit ridiculous. Since most hipsters don’t acknowledge they are hipsters, I’m not confident I will get any first hand knowledge about this anytime soon.

I attempted to make sense of it all about a month ago when I wrote Hipster Style: Alphabet Design & Language Translator Chart. Today I’d like to share with you a little more insight into the hipster life (which revolves a lot around hipster style) in the form of an humorous little infographic called The Hipster’s Credit Card Bill (by Credit Card Compare).

It’s got all the key elements of hipster style listed including the side bangs, the extra skinny jeans that cut off circulation, the 64GB iPhone, the vintage bicycle and even a limited-press vinyl (since listening to music in any other format sounds dreadful). I’m a big fan of thrift stores and dive bars, but other than that, I can’t relate to any of this. If you are a hipster, maybe you can help me understand a little better. Hipsters get a bad rap much of the time. I have a feeling that people just don’t understand them, and so they poke fun at them instead. As a geek, I can completely understand that. But, I’m still happy Atlanta isn’t a hipster city. #justsayin

A Quick Lesson In Hipster Style

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Via: [Design Taxi] Header Image Credit: [Natalie Dee]