Horrifying Zombie Head Taxidermy Gumball Machine

Once again, we have reached the WTF gadget of the day. Lately we have seen more and more news reports about the new and insanely dangerous drug called “bath salt.” It’s a nasty drug that reportedly lasts between 5 and 12 hours. The insane part this drug triggers is often displayed in zombie themed rage and crazy talk. So, is the zombie apocalypse already upon us? Is this what has been depicted in all those zombie movies that have made such a huge impact on the box office? Well, hopefully not, but it sure feels like it sometimes. If you have seen any of the videos on the news that show these drug addicts, you know what I am talking about. It’s not a comforting sight at all.

The insane nature of zombies makes them an easy target for customization and geekery. We have seen it in the movies and of course here on the Internet for years now, and it is not about to stop anytime soon. This time around, we are going to have a look at something I am sure will not only make a lasting impression, but will also gross out quite a few of you. So, have you ever wanted your very own Zombie Taxidermy Head Gumball Machine?

Well as of today, there is one, and it is horrifyingly scary! Put 25 cents… somewhere and you will be rewarded with a gumball through the mouth. Maybe it has already been chewed, you never know. It’s a gumball nonetheless, right? Yuck, I know! This certainly has to be the most bizarre gumball machine ever made. It truly brings the whole zombie feeling with you all the way home. So, you still want one? I don’t know if it is for sale, but I have a creepy suspicion this thing is a one off, so sorry. Freaky!


Via: [Obvious Winner]