How Many Jalapenos Can You Eat At Once?

Earlier this week I wrote an article about Joey Chestnut, the man who won a contest by eating 68 hot dogs and hot dog buns in 10 minutes. Soon after that article posted, Brent Burdick (@akamediainc) sent me the information about an even more insane eating contest. This is nuts, you’ve got to see this to believe it.

Just last week, on September 13, the 3rd annual La Costena “Feel the Heat” Jalapeno Eating Championship Challenge took place in Chicago. This contest was in honor of Mexican Independence Day.

Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas won in a sudden death match. Get this – she ate 250 whole jalapenos in nine minutes. I like peppers a lot, but this makes me cringe just typing it. This is one eating contest that I think requires an advanced level of skill.

You can read more about this contest and the other participants by clicking here. According to this site, “… the La Costena Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Championship Challenge is becoming well-known and well-respected as one of the most challenging foods in competitive eating.” Uh, ya think?

I think it’s funny that at the end of this video, you can hear Sonya say that “right now I feel good, but I don’t know about a few hours later.” We all know that whatever is hot going in is even hotter when it comes back out! Ouch!