How To Be The Perfect Pickup Artist – The Tricks [Infographic]

It’s not a secret that geeks have a somewhat hard time when it comes to socializing with girls. Whether it is a stereotype that has been created by countless movies or just fiction, I don’t know, but we keep on hearing about these stories over and over again. Learning the skills for hitting on girls or becoming a pickup artist isn’t exactly unusual knowledge that people search for on the Internet. Personally, I am not much for smooth talking girls, and I always find it awkward even thinking about it. I’d much rather it be natural and unique than pushed and planned.

It’s easy really, be yourself and just talk. What other information is there to be handed out? If the girl likes you, she likes you, if not… well that’s something you have to live with I guess. However, there are of course geeks who are a bit afraid of the conversation and introduction part of the whole thing. As we can understand, it’s not always easy to strike up an interesting conversation that will keep the person wanting to know more about you, and what it is you’re talking about. After all, we all have different interests, and that is where things can go wrong, quickly.

However, if you think that is going to stop us from posting a how to guide for everyone who needs a few pointers, you are completely wrong. The Online Dating University (yeah, there is apparently one) put together a series of pointers to be used as a guide in an infographic that might push you through the door to better and more confident behavior when presenting that first impression of yours. Just keep in mind, you will not impress anyone by bragging or coming across acting like you’re Gods gift to the women. I don’t know, but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.

All you girls out there who read this, give us geeks some pointers on how to go about it. I am sure it would be very appreciated. After all, you girls have all the answers, and you’re holding all the secrets. What makes you all interested if a guy randomly strikes up a conversation just to get your attention?

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How To Become Pickup Artist