How To Become A Ninja Using Just A T-Shirt [Infographic]

The word “ninja” has really been used frequently in the last couple of years. Videos on YouTube with death defying acts of hilarity have completely gone through the roof, and everyone is waiting for their time to be called a ninja it seems. Why? Because it is cool of course. The mythical figure has long been in hibernation, and until a couple of years ago, it’s been nothing but a word of awesome warrior tactics and detection avoidance. Whenever I see something with the word ninja in it, I automatically click on it, and I don’t even know why. I am not overly interested in the culture or the history of the lifestyle which makes me… a nerd really. So why do I click it, and why is everyone else clicking on it as well? I think that is a question you have to answer for yourself I am afraid, after all, you clicked to check out this link.

How do you go about your daily ninja chores without dressing like a regular ninja? There’s a simple answer really, you can’t. If you don’t dress like one, you won’t impress like one. But I think I have found the right information for you that will take care of all these problems. It’s a neat little tutorial infographic put together by Vern Reid. He shows us that with just the use of a black t-shirt we can now endeavor into the land of the unseen, the mythical and the brave. Suit up and become the invisible. Well, not really.

A tutorial to give you the head wear for your ninja outfit is all I can offer, and it won’t make you invisible, I just want to clarify that. All it will really do is make you look unbelievably ridiculous really. But as geeks, we don’t really care, do we? Whatever is in the word ninja, we want it, the whole shebang. But remember, if you get your butt kicked, don’t blame the wear, blame the wearer. #PointMade

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Ninja T-Shirt Head Wear Tutorial

Header Image Credit: [R’eyes]