How To: Drive A Motor Driven Vehicle Without Even Having One

I was just brought into a hilarious laugh, and I can’t stop. I rarely come across gems like this, and when I do, I just can’t keep myself from watching it over and over again. For some reason I need to learn whatever it is I am watching. It just goes with the nature of me, myself and I. This one is honestly something that I don’t think that I can do. Sure, being a beatboxer helps, but this? No way.

I have seen some people mimic sounds before, and they pretty much nailed it, but motor driven vehicles are one of the hardest things to generate due to their many bi-sounds. However, somehow this kid is doing it awesomely. The spectrum of his sound library is just hilarious, and I think you’ll see that yourself when you watch it. There’s just no limit to what he can mimic really, everything from dirtbikes, Hondas, V6s and even a weed wacker gets his royal treatment.

It’s so odd and crazy that I can’t stop watching it. However, I sure wouldn’t want to be the one sitting in front watching this guy while he does his sounds. There must be the perfect storm of spit rain that would hit your face like you were speeding on the freeway. But wait, maybe that’s the whole idea. It adds to the realism, right? Haha, well if that’s what it takes to drive a Honda… count me out.