How To | Get a Girl to Flash you!

With the current event of Joe Francis tax blunders and the on going saga of him getting his money frozen by the government maybe it’s time to shed some light on how he managed to get girls to flash their melons that became the start of his very successful brand “Girls Gone Wild”. I can honestly say that I haven’t watched any of these movies but it’s kind of inevitable to avoid seeing the commercials for them which was all over the place when the series had its peak a few years ago. But one thing I don’t understand is what made these beautiful girls bring out their most personal belongings for everyone to see. But they did and it was a huge success.

So, how did he do it? Well, I have stumbled across a clip that might show you how to get yourself a little private show at least. When I first saw this clip I had to ask a really close friend of mine (who is a girl by the way) if it was ethically right to publish this article and she said it was nothing but fun and thought it wouldn’t offend anyone. But I would like to say that these approaches can be misunderstood and sometimes foul men use them in their predator-like behaviour and I want to make sure everyone knows that trying these out is done on your own risk.

Make sure the girls know you are doing it for fun and possibly show them this article after you have approached them in order to make sure it is all in good fun. Watch out though, most girls carry pepper spray and you don’t want to become the victim in a joke where you are the one getting busted. Just a word of advice! Enjoy!