How To: Get Rid Of A Hickey

Some people like to engage in a kind of a shady activity which leaves large red blemishes on your neck and throat, also called hickeys. Why this kind of branding is appealing I will never know, and call me lame, but I can quite honestly and truthfully tell you all that I have never had one. All you who have had one, feel free to tell me what the point is and why walking around with a hickey is something to be proud of. Some people actually think that.

In any case, if you have willingly or unwillingly gotten a hickey, and then you decided that it wasn’t the best plan in the world to get one, here is a little tutorial for you to get rid of it. I think the number of people that actually need this how to guide is quite small… or at least I hope it is.

There are actually a ton of different ways to get rid of a hickey, or at least the legends say these methods can get rid of them. Whether or not they work, you have to check for yourself. Always remember that if you, for some reason, get an unwanted hickey and you want to get rid of it… never getting it in the first place is probably the best solution. It’s not like you wouldn’t know you were getting one… right?