How To: Make A Copy Of Your Key In 60 Seconds

Have you ever had the problem of leaving your keys somewhere and then forgetting where they were? We often get so preoccupied with many things like work and chores that misplacing our stuff is often a problem. It’s such a hassle when we lose our keys. Of course, it is always good to have a duplicate set just in case, but if you have no duplicate, why not make a copy yourself? Forgetting things sometimes cannot be avoided, we just need to know how to get around those things. We at Bit Rebels try our best to write and share how to’s for the purpose of making all our lives a little bit easier.

I found a video that can help anyone make a duplicate key and the best part of it is that you can do it in 60 seconds. The tools needed are simple, and you’ll get to recycle too. Just make sure that you follow the steps closely so that you can avoid any errors. Make sure you test it out as well. Maybe you have other techniques that are tried and tested that you would like to share here. We would be happy to hear about them. I am sure our readers will appreciate it too.

Main Image Source – Antique Keys

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How To Copy A Key In Sixty Seconds