Bottle Stoppers For Computer Geeks: Plug Your Wine With A Keyboard Key

It’s Saturday afternoon. I’m sitting at my desk with a bottle of wine, a stack of paperwork and a bit of determination to complete my taxes. I’ve decided to write another few articles for Bit Rebels first. Writing stuff for you is a lot more fun than getting lost in this sea of numbers and invoices, which seems to be my fate. After a glass of this wine, I will save the rest of the bottle for another day. I don’t have any bottle stoppers, so I’ll use the cork. If I was going to get some, I’d definitely order these.

These adorable wine bottle stoppers were created by Mustard, and they’ll make your inner computer geek smile. They come in a set of three (end, save and esc). These would be the perfect way to plug your wine until next time, and I’m sure they’d be a great conversation starter when you have dinner guests too.

If I had created these, I wouldn’t have stopped at just those three keys. I would have created bottle stoppers with the delete, return and shift keys too. Heck, I might have even added one that says ‘caps lock’ and another that says ‘control alt delete.’ These geeky little bottle stoppers would be fun accessories to add to any kitchen.

You can pick up a set over on Amazon for $9.95. If you prefer your bottle stoppers to be a bit more on the gruesome side, you might like this Zombie Bottle Stopper, but I like these computer keys better. There is just something about those sleek, white blocks that looks classy and elegant, yet at the same time, geeky. If you are looking for a good bottle of wine today, I suggest Lucky Star Chardonnay. It’s my favorite, and it’s inexpensive. Just don’t use the cork as the bottle stopper like I’m doing now. These computer keys are a much better option.

Geeky Bottle Stoppers – On Amazon

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    “Caps Lock” bottle stoppers are a very clever concept for sure. Interesting article. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of these. I’m a bona fide computer geek myself, but somehow I don’t think I’m geeky enough to use a computer key as a bottle stopper. I don’t know… maybe other computer geeks will go for it. I’m absolutely a computer geek, but I don’t really see myself buying this. HOWEVER, I can definitely see people buying this for me as a gift thinking that I would like it since I’m so into computers, etc. Hopefully whoever came up with the idea at least makes a profit from it.