How To: Make A Ninja J Drink

It’s Saturday (it really is when i am writing this), and it’s hot like a mofo. All you want is a cold drink to cool your brain a little so you can keep working. At least that’s what you would think as a geek on a mission. What kind of drink would you go for? That is the big question here really. There are SO many, and you want one to fit your awesomeness and the kickass job you’re doing. After all, you’re ahead of the pack and ready to push on.

The only choice that I can see fitting the occasion is, of course, the Ninja J. It’s a drink consisting of four ingredients that will kick your inspiration into gear and truly set you on your course to geek stardom. Not only does it look like it’s a butt kickin’ delicious drink, the aesthetics are über fitting for any rockstar designer out there.

Let the Ninja inside of you make the better choices in life and relax with this awesome drink. There’s no other way to be the über geek you’ve always wanted to be. It’s time to stand up and have yourself a Ninja J. Let the revolution begin. Ooops, did I get a bit carried away there? …Maybe better to just say Cheers!