How To Make Parking Fun The Transformers Way [Image]

Are you sick and tired of parking lots being packed, and it literally takes you an hour to find an open spot? It’s an insanely annoying feeling to circle around and not find a parking spot so you can go on with your shopping. Wouldn’t you much rather find an empty parking lot, and just do whatever you want up in there? I mean, the luxury of picking whatever spot you want is like being spoiled to the brim. It’s not often that it happens though, and when it does, it is probably sometime in the middle of the night. That doesn’t do us any good, does it? Nope, there are far more fun things to do in a parking lot than cruise around looking for a spot in the middle of the day.

Take this, for example. It’s a unique and interesting approach to parking lot artwork, if I may say so myself. If you are among the lucky ones to have a fleet of cars just sitting around at home then this could possibly be your Sunday fun. Ask a few friends over, and drive those trucks, station wagons and whatnot to a deserted parking lot somewhere and start the fun. Why not form a giant Optimus Prime out of the vehicles and then snap a picture of it?

This has to be one of the most creative parking maneuvers I have seen to date. Sure, you would need the right colored vehicles to pull it off, that’s for sure. But once you have those, you will certainly have a lot of fun setting it all up. Afterwards, you will definitely have a neat photo to put in your family album or even on the living room wall. I mean, it never hurts to flaunt your creativity, right? What else could be done with creative parking? I am sure we’ll soon see some nifty Hello Kitty parking, or why not a Gremlin one? See, the possibilities are endless! Who would have thought a parking lot could be so much fun!

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Fun Parking The Transformers Way

Via: [The Funny Blog]