How To Make Your Own Gigantic Steampunk Mechanical Hand

There are so many badass movie characters that have mechanical hands. The two most popular ones are probably the original Terminator and Wolverine. But when you think about it, you don’t have to be in the movies to get some good use out of a mechanical hand. It could come in real handy in everyday life. It would be great for squashing bugs when you don’t want to get too close to them, you’d be able to scare all the kids on the block without saying a word, and you might even be able to reach your beer without getting off the couch. So why not make your own mechanical hand?

I found two different yet similar tutorials for how to make them. The first one was posted on deviantART by user Andrew Hillman (~aternox). You can click on the link below to see it in action. It’s got a steampunk style, and it’s definitely one of the best mechanical hands I’ve seen yet. He created the nifty little chart below so you can make your own. If you decide to take on this project, I recommend clicking over to his page to read the notes.

The second one was posted on Instructables by user Manick Yoj. That one is also fabulous, and it has a different look to it. He took inspiration from Andrew’s build, and as you can see in the pictures, it’s a beauty. Manick included very detailed directions for his mechanical hand over on Instructables. You can click over there to get everything you need for that one. If you’re a geek looking to spice up your weekend with a wicked project, this might be just what you’ve been looking for. Of course, I couldn’t close out this article without including the link to the DIY Wolverine Claws. Love those!

Click Here To See This Mechanical Hand In Action

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The directions for the mechanical hand below, which is a little different, can be found here on Instructables.

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Via: [Ian Brooks]


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    Peter Parker 9 years


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    offri 8 years

    awesome, totally gonna make one, ill buy what i need tomorrow!!! :>

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    Mark 7 years

    Fantastic design and description of the project. Thanks for posting.

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    Fraser 6 years

    having trouble finding the springs where did you get yours?

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    Captain Jin 6 years

    Just a thought; could you instead of using key rings where your palm meets your index finger use a full glove made of relatively strong material and attach the wires at the end of your fingertips? I feel like this would provide more visible and accurate movement. Purely in theory, but would love to know if it worked. Awesome job regardless! :)
    – Jin