How To: Make Your Own Slime

Being a little kid today you sort of have to have slime. All the kids have it and that little mess of fun can be played with for hours at end even though it has no real purpose more than being just…slime. I’ve long wondered what’s in that amazing goo to make it behave the way that it does. I am sure that the manufactured ones is more fine tuned than this but this is pretty close to it I think.

Coloring is a no brainer and food coloring is used so you can really just go ahead and choose your favorite color. As the clip suggests the secret is in the Borax solution and how you add it to the mix. A slow dripping of it while stirring the glue and water solution is necessary for it to make the polymers in the glue to stick to the Borax solution.

Now, there are people who makes bucket loads of this stuff and as I found this clip there are people making pool loads of it as well. Well, maybe not created using the glue method but it sure looks freaky seeing someone jumping straight into that stuff.

Hm, there is no telling if the Borax solution is hazardous. It is after all a natural laundry booster and I can’t impress you by telling you that I know what it is. Maybe someone does…

So go ahead and make a bucket load of it and pour it over your best friend as he or she enters the house.