How To: Open A Beer With A Napkin

Beer is famous everywhere. People enjoy it cold, and it is served in clubs and at parties. I am not a beer drinker, I prefer tequila or vodka, but most of my friends drink beer. Beer is so popular that October is considered beer month not just in Germany, but also in my country. During the whole month of October you can find beer parties, it is even called October Fest. Would you believe I have friends who can start drinking as early as 5pm and finish early the next morning and still manage to work a full day? They say that the hangover is not as bad as the hangover you get from hard drinks.

Whenever there is a beer party, you will see buckets and buckets of beer served. There are occasions, of course, that the host will order kegs of beer, but most often it’s served in bottles. The hard part though is when you forget your bottle opener, that is such a drag. I know some friends will open a beer using the door, which is not good as it tends to ruin the paint. Other people use their teeth. Yes you heard me right, their teeth. Luckily no one I know has lost a tooth yet lol. I found a video that might be useful for those who love to drink beer and often times forget to bring their opener. The guy here gives a step-by-step guide on how to open a beer bottle using an ordinary napkin! You don’t believe me? Come on, click on the video and see for yourself, its truly amazing!

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How To Open Beer With A Napkin