How To: Pull Out A Tooth With A Rocket

Here’s somewhat of a really bad idea for a way to pull out a tooth. Believe it or not, this comes from a father who is trying to help his kid by making sure his tooth gets pulled out with as little suffering as possible. Even if it seems to work quite nicely, it still looks a bit reckless if you ask me. Sure, I’ve heard of kids tying a string around their tooth that is attached to a door knob, but I’ve never before seen it done with a rocket.

I can’t help but laugh at this clip, and somehow in the back of my mind, it feels like it’s all tricked cause I just can’t believe a parent would put his kid through such an ordeal. It seems seriously dangerous. Oh, and how is he supposed to get his tooth back? Haha, maybe that is the least of his concern as he seems to be quite shocked after the tooth is out and the endeavor worked.

Either way you’re looking at it, I still find it quite amusing and if it’s real, I am sure there will be someone getting in touch with that father to teach him what a parent should not do. Still it’s an awesome idea for a clip, and it is one of those that you have to watch just to see where the give away is. I surely can’t be the only one…