How To: Read People’s Minds

Since I grew up watching Star Trek and Spock’s Vulcan mind melds, I was convinced from a very young age that reading other people’s minds was possible. Now that I’m much older, I’ve decided that reading minds really comes down to understanding body language, human nature and developing a strong sense of intuition.

I still want to believe that actually reading minds is possible, and I hope I meet someone someday that has that ability. However, it is a fact that 92% of communication is body language. Even when you aren’t verbally saying anything, your body is speaking volumes.

Once you learn body language basics, and you combine that with your own instincts and your ability to be empathetic, you’ll be surprised how much you will be able to “read people’s minds”.

The interesting thing to me is that we can develop such strong bonds with people on Twitter even though we don’t have the benefit of seeing people visually as they communicate. It is just another reason why I think these relationships are genuine; there is no opportunity for pre-judging or possibly “reading someone wrong.”

This video is a riot. It will teach you the basics for how to read people’s minds.

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