Knitted Spock Hat: How Star Trek Fans Keep Their Domes Warm

Over here at Bit Rebels we have a tendency to talk a lot about Star Wars, right? Well, I have been thinking about that a lot, and maybe we should be giving homage to Star Trek as well. After all, it’s the second science fiction series to inspire the world when it comes to technology and inventions. It has been debated a lot of times, but as far as I know, the flip phone was actually from Star Trek in the beginning. Yeah, I could go on forever to point out the technology that was born through the awesomeness of Star Trek. However, as you know, we don’t really have that kind of time in this article, but I think I have something that will set pretty much any Star Trek fan ablaze.

It’s the knitted Spock hat, and it is beyond cool! There is always stuff created, especially knitted or croched, for Star Wars. It’s about time someone went all out and created something for Star Trek fans. The Spock hat is just what it sounds like, it’s a knitted hat that bears similarities to Spock’s head and ears all in one. It is guaranteed to keep your head warm on a cold winter day.

It’s the awesome Etsy user FiveCornersDesign that was creative and geeked up this thing. It’s available for sale as well, and you will have to scoop up $30 from your wallet in order to become the proud owner of this badass Star Trek masterpiece. Put it on, and there is not a single person on your way to school or work that won’t think you’re the awesomest ever (or possibly the stupidest). For a geek, that really is all the same, isn’t it? I mean that in a good way of course. Why don’t you go over to the Etsy page and give the creator some props because this thing certainly deserves it!

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Star Trek Spock Hat Design

Star Trek Spock Hat Design

Star Trek Spock Hat Design