How To: Remove Your Shirt Instantly

How is it that we can’t get our clothes off quickly enough so we have to invent new ways to speed things up? Well, maybe it has to do with the stressful society we’re living in today… or just the fact that we can’t wait to go to bed? It could be the latter. The fact remains that we’re always fascinated with the speed of things. It’s almost like we don’t know how to live life fast enough, and then it ends. Or maybe it’s the opposite way around, we think if we do things faster, we have more time for other things. Honestly I don’t know anymore. I think I managed to lose myself in that explanation, so I guess we’ll just move on.

We have seen articles on eating breakfast fast, getting ready for your work in record time and even how to fold your t-shirt in just 2 seconds. All of these things will certainly speed things up for you and give you time for other things, but there is more.

I thought maybe you would also be interested in knowing how to remove your shirt instantly instead of having to, like a maze, find your way out, well, from inside the shirt. It’s a fairly simple trick but extremely useful and I am sure a lot of you will use it in several different scenarios to impress your friends (not recommended) and your girlfriend or boyfriend. Either way, I am sure the first couple of times it will be a thrill and a trick to impress others. However, it’s like any joke… too much and it’ll get old and your attempts to be funny will quickly go out of style. Use with care and in private…