Dad Of The Year Builds Amazing Millennium Falcon Bed

With the upcoming release of the 7th Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens, parents and kids everywhere are engaging this franchise with renewed excitement and interest, bringing together the generations like never before. When both dad and son become excited about something, truly remarkable things can result. An amazing example of this is a father who recently constructed a Millennium Falcon bed for his son.

The front of the bed is shaped as the cockpit and the back end forms the long rectangular section of the bed. Taking some creative freedom with the rest of the bed, this father’s dedication is nothing short of awesome. Now, every time his son goes to sleep, he can dream of hyperspace, the Kessel Run, evading star destroyers, and everything in-between.

Whom among us who enjoyed Star Wars doesn’t think this is cool? Custom designed and carefully detailed, the dad behind this amazing bed is helping create not only a place of awesomeness for his child, but an incredible number of memories. For years to come, this kid will be able to say, “Oh yeah? Well, my dad created a Millennium Falcon bed from scratch for me…” – It is OK to be a little jealous.

The Millennium Falcon bed represents the first installment in a room that is slowly being converted into a shrine to the Star Wars Universe. Slowly and surely, this father and son will not stop until the entire room is space worthy. Not only is it amazing, the ingenuity, crafting, and a whole host of teachable moments will teach this kid to always reach for the stars. The Star Wars movies have taught a lot of kids that nothing is impossible, and this Millennium Falcon bed is sure to infuse that into this lucky kid.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

Custom Millennium Falcon Bed

Custom Millennium Falcon Bed

Custom Millennium Falcon Bed