How To: Shotgun A Beer

There are a lot of different kinds of beer to drink, and a lot of different ways to drink them. And, it looks like there’s a million ways to open them as well. Which one and how you decide to drink it is, of course, entirely up to you. One way, as seen in so many movies and at so many parties, is a way you can drink a beer in one single go. The beer has to be in a can, and you have the right kind of tools and stomach to deal with it.

Shotgunning a beer is probably the 80s trick of drinking a beer; however, it’s very effective. So one question is, of course, how do you do it and is it possible to teach your stomach to deal with the massive sudden influx of beer? Well, of course it is. It ain’t that hard, and anyone who tells you the opposite probably doesn’t even know what you are talking about when you tell him to shotgun a beer.

Howcast is the exclusive and premiere creators of “how to” videos and tutorials and once again, they have created a really cool and informative tutorial that will help you endeavor into the land of the cool… 80s style of course. Just remember… drink responsibly. It’s for your own good, as well as anyone around you. Now get yourself in the center of attention and get that geek out.