How To: Surf with Just a Tarp and a Skateboard

It’s summer, and it’s hot like a mofo outside. All you want is to go to the beach and catch a wave or two. Surfing on the computer is no fun, and unfortunately, the beach is too far away for you to ever make it there and back in the time you have. What will you do then? Well, you don’t have many choices do you? That’s only what you think. You have one option that is going to make you enjoy that surf with the wind in your hair and all. You might not get the water splashes and the rushing down the slope of that wave, but it’s a genius solution for a common problem.

Some rather genius and creative kids got the idea to really push things to the limit, and they created something that is called “Tarp Surfing” (which I honestly think should become an event in the Olympics cause it is so cool and fun to watch). It’s not complicated and all. All you really need is a few friends, a couple of skateboards and a few hours to kill.

Then just do whatever you have to in order to catch that one shore wave you’ve been waiting for. The brilliance of this whole thing is that you will get a perfect wave every time. And, there is no worries about scraping the rocks at the bottom of the sea when the wave finally tumbles down on top of you. It’s what we call a win win-win situation over here at Bit Rebels. It doesn’t get much more creative than that.