How To: Tell If Your Website Sucks

Starting a website is not as easy as some people might think. Sure, it’s easy to get one up and running in today’s one button click society, but there is a lot more than that necessary in order to make the whole thing successful. While it grows, you will stumble upon things that you hadn’t foreseen, and that’s when your skills and knowledge come in handy. There will never be a time when taking a website from nothing to everything will be a crystal clear road. No matter how much you prepare, there will always be things that happen when boatloads of traffic suddenly hit your website and then you need to be ready to bust out those skills.

However, there is also time when planning is the only thing you should be concentrating on, and that stage will never stop. Since Google and all the other search engines are remodeling their algorithm which ranks websites, you have to keep up with the new factors. That means you will have to modify your own website to stay within the group of websites that rank really high. So what can be better than your own little infographic to tell you how you are doing?

It so happens that I found something that will probably make you quite intrigued. The people over at Ecreative Internet Marketing put together a poster that outlines pretty much all you need to focus on. It deals with design, usability and SEO, so if you’re wondering How To Tell If Your Website Sucks, this is definitely for you, literally. It’s a series of questions that helps you pinpoint what part of your website really sucks and is in need of some attention. You see, with the Internet becoming ever more popular for business, you really need to stay on top of your game in order to really reap the benefits of the steps being taken to progress the Internet. Take a good look and make some changes. If you do, tomorrow your website will probably not suck, at least not as much as it does now… (if it does that is).

Tell If Your Website Sucks