Humorous Star Wars Inspired T-Shirts!

I rarely wear t-shirts that have statements on the front, but when I do, I make sure that it’s something that speaks volumes about who I am. Statement t-shirts are cool, they somehow brand the people who wear them. The “I heart (location)” and geek shirts usually make heads turn when someone walks by. Whenever I visit a different country, I try to buy a shirt with the “I heart” on it, especially if my stay was totally enjoyable.

I found some very cool t-shirts that Star Wars fans will definitely love to wear. They are not only statement shirts, in my opinion, but they would just plain be fun to wear. The designs are so funny. They are sold at the Star Wars Shop for USD$21.99 each. These t-shirts were exclusively designed by Reece Ward. My birthday is coming up in August, so if you plan to shop for me, this is what will surely make my day! Kidding aside, don’t you want to have one of the tees featured here?!

Source – Star Wars Shop Catalogue