I Love You More Than A Rainbow | Don’t Throw Up

This year at the Oscars, one of the themes seems to have been “I love you more than a rainbow.” Some people loved it, some people hated it. I was laughing when I saw some tweets that said, “I just threw up a rainbow.”

To make some of you even more nauseatingly happy, did you know that “National Find a Rainbow Day” is coming up? April 3rd has been designated as the day to reach out to the people we love and fill their life with the colors of the rainbow.

I remember yesterday, even before the Oscars started, I saw a tweet from @Jack commenting about the beauty of a rainbow he was watching over the highway in Arizona. The whole thing got me thinking about rainbows and how we sometimes take the majestic beauty of a rainbow for granted. I found some rather unusual pictures capturing the colors of a rainbow to share with you. I hope they brighten your day!

Thank you for for educating us all about “National Find a Rainbow Day” – http://listicles.thelmagazine.com