Iconic iPhone Case: Steve Jobs In Carbonite

There are many iPhone cases out there that make sense, and then there are the ones that don’t make any sense whatsoever. But that doesn’t really matter when people are buying them like there was no tomorrow. I am quite sure that second to the app businesses around the world, the case businesses are the most profitable. It would just not make any sense to see all of these cases, skins and mods for the iPhone being advertised all over the place if they weren’t making a nice buck from it.

I am quite sure though that plenty of these companies have had their share of withdrawing some skins due to copyright issues and whatnot. Maybe they made a few bucks during the process and are content with what they have achieved. Some companies; however, really do their best at coming up with original and nice looking quality iPhone cases that you can buy safely and without hassle.

One of those is not the Steve Jobs In Carbonite iPhone Case. The iconic and above all creative case was for sale for a short period of time before Apple sent a cease and desist letter to ensure the discontinued sale of the darn thing (I am sure they said something like that). There should have been a few people who managed to get their hands on this highly sought after case, and in the future, that thing will surely bring in a hefty buck when going on Ebay.

The case should be a hot tamale for all the Apple Fanboys around the planet, and I am guessing that this thing just got a lot more expensive now that the lawyers of Apple decided to pull the plug on the thing. For the ones that got it, congrats! You’re holding onto a piece of history that will probably become more valuable the longer you hold onto it. It’s a thing of beauty, and if I am not incorrect, there should be one with George Lucas as well somewhere out there. Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yup, the two would make a nice little series and I am sure there are a few more out there to collect also. They would go straight into a glass showcase mod over here at Bit Rebels. Iconic is only the beginning!

iPhone Case Steve Jobs Carbonite