If Computer Problems Were Real… [Video]

Lately I have had the unfortunate luck to have two of my screens just completely stop working. I will have them replaced; however, it’s the adapting to working on only a couple of screens that has set me a little on edge. When you are so used to a workflow that involves four screens, and when suddenly you are down to just two screens, things change a lot! I am sure they will be returned from being repaired quite soon since LG is usually very quick on their delivery end of the business. It is when our computer problems mount up that we get to experience our patience first hand. I admit that it can be quite annoying when things that used to work well suddenly stop working smoothly.

However, we have all been there, and before you know it, you will be back to normal again. It’s good to get frustrated though. It’s what shows us that we care about our work environment, and it’s also a way to find new solutions to things. What if computer problems were real? What I mean is, what if our broken stuff was a real event that just didn’t have to do with our hardware? I am sure things would be quite different at offices around the world.

A group of geeks called AwkwardSpaceship put together an amusing video of what such an event might look like. Now, imagine everything your IT support department has to deal with, and then just convert it into real life events, and you should have something quite similar to what is showcased in this video. There have been quite a few of these out there, and on YouTube as well, but no one as descriptive as this one I believe. We should all be happy that things are the way they are, and that it’s just hardware that breaks every once in a while. Laugh about it, and if necessary, pull up this video, and you should be smiling again in a heartbeat.

If Computer Problems Were Real