If Geeks Ruled The World…This Is What It Would Look Like!

It’s an odd title I know, especially when it’s already true. I mean with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the two friends, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (who founded one of the world’s most successful companies – Google), setting the pace and lifestyle we’re enjoying today, it’s hard to say geeks are not already ruling the world. Then again, a geek has yet to become President, and until one does, I guess we’ll have to hold back on that statement.

However, a bunch of creative people set out on a small mission to rethink the world and the houses we live and work in. The mission was to portray what the world would look like if geeks had their way with design and construction. They called the project “If I Were President…” and it’s quite clear these guys are all into the geekalicious taste and reality.

Joseph Ford (Photographer), Mohamed Bareche (Artistic Director), Antoine Mairot (3D Development) and François Brochenin (Retouching) have together created something really inspiring and out there that most definitely speaks to geeks around the world. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before a geek with a bank account the size of Manhattan will cash in on these designs and actually build an office worthy of a true geek ruler of the highly sought after kingdom.