Awkward Moments: Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Early Years [2 Videos]

Isn’t it wonderful how innocent and awkward we can all be when we first start our adventurous lives? If you have never been in a particular situation before, you just don’t know how to react or behave in order to comply with what is expected of you. In every person’s life there are moments when we feel out of place and insecure. It comes with the game they say. It’s our best tool for learning, and that is exactly what we all do. You have to make mistakes in order to correct what is not working, right? This is true in so many areas, including the corporate arena. If you have just started a company, you know that the path to finding the right solutions is something you just have to blindly follow.

This becomes even more clear if you are doubting your abilities just because you are comparing yourself to the “successful” people. You should know that those people have made the same mistakes, found themselves in a places where they didn’t know how to behave and so forth, but they learned from those situations, and I guess they adjusted their ways to become more… well, professional if you will.

Let’s take a couple of people that I am sure everyone who reads this is familiar with as an example. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have both single-handedly changed the world in their own way. It’s easy to mistake their success for perfection. There have of course been moments when even they found themselves in a bit of an awkward situation. Just have a look at these two clips, and you will know exactly what I am talking about. See, everyone is a little awkward from time to time, so allow yourself be just that, and you’ll see that you will learn something along the way. I just can’t stop watching both of these videos. Hilarious!

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs

Bill Gates Leaps Over Chair

Steve Jobs First Time On Television