If Star Wars Characters Had Access To Google [Infographic]

Most people I know use the Internet all day every day to extract information pertaining to every aspect of life. Whether we need to know something for work (marketing, sales, competition, tutorials) or something for home (relationships, recipes, weekend projects, movie previews), there is a certain amount of relief and comfort we have by simply knowing that Google is always available to us, like a close friend.

It’s easy to take it for granted though. It wasn’t until I wrote an article about how Google affects our memory that I really started to think about it. As much as we like to bitch and moan about Google taking over the world, the truth is, most of us probably couldn’t imagine living without it.

Think about all the famous people in history (fictitious and not) whose daily decisions and overall lives would have been different if they had access to Google and some online training. Let’s take the Star Wars characters for example. According to this infographic created by mindflash, they could have really used some online training. Han might have been able to finally solve the problem he had with the Millennium Falcon not working when he put it into hyperdrive, Chewie could have accessed some helpful anger management resources, and of course Luke Skywalker would have probably been able to learn how to become a Jedi without traveling all the way to Dagobah with Yoda.

This is really cute. A lot of creativity went into this infographic. I’m glad our Star Wars friends didn’t have Google at their disposal though. The story wouldn’t have been nearly as good with all of them just sitting in front of their computers all day long, like we do.

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If Star Wars Had Google