Improve And Enhance Your Campus Property To Help Students Feel Safe And Secure

After spending a crazy year, in 2020, college campuses are recognizing the requirement for an immediate change, like never before. Due to the pandemic, not only students but also the society in general has gone through a noteworthy change in the way they go about spending their daily lives. With the mandate of staying back at homes, there is a shift in ecommerce to retail commerce which has increased the number of packages being delivered at homes.

Moreover, students have got habituated to considering their bedrooms and dining tables as their classrooms. In such a situation, returning to the physical environment of classrooms can seem like a big adjustment for many.

If you’re an auxiliary service manager or college facility manager, you’re most likely looking for campus property management ideas now that it is time to reopen all campuses. Though the school or college’s brand name or educational reputation might arouse your interest, the most noteworthy selling point for youngsters is the campus. Here are a few of the best ways of managing and improving your campus property.

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Transform The Gym To Amusement Center

When enhancing your campus property is in mind, the most overlooked area is the gym or the fitness area. The internet-savvy children are already aware of the perks of exercising daily. Hence, there are many students who look for a college campus that is armed with a modern-day amusement facility with ample services and features. To improve the gym of your school or college, you may add:

  • Plyometric areas
  • Incline training
  • Training spaces
  • Sled training
  • Rooms for yoga classes
  • Rooms for martial arts
  • Rooms for Zumba sessions
  • Basketball courts
  • Lap pools
  • Sauna

Adopt A Green Campus

The Gen-Y is too concerned about everything that has a detrimental impact on the environment. Recycling things, adopting a sustainable life and curtailing energy consumption are a few things that matter to them. Therefore, there will be many who will be attracted by a college campus that follows a sustainable practice. In short, universities that take a wholesome initiative to create a sustainable life for the students turn out to be the role models of youngsters.

Better And Organized Parking Facilities

Till date, if your students had to forcefully park on a side of the campus and then move to the other side, you could consider improving and organizing your campus parking facilities. Parking is certainly one of the biggest complaints lodged by students to the university deans. If it is not possible to boost the number of parking spots, you can do the following:

  • Make a path directly for bikes
  • Enhance campus transit trolleys and buses and add more pick up routes and times
  • Secure bike parking and install CCTV cameras for enhanced security
  • Chance yearly parking charges to daily parking

Upgrade Smart Lockers And Mail Services

Though students may not frequently receive letters, yet there are several campuses that impact the items that students regularly get like checks, bills, care packages, magazines, or online purchases. Bid goodbye to old-school mail services and welcome upgraded mail services. Research done by Parcel Pending by Quadient and Spaces4Learning revealed 50% of college campus managers are showing interest in smart parcel lockers as a primary campus amenity. Even making updates in the smallest form to the mail services of your college or university can have an effect on student satisfaction.

Wrap Up The Institution With Technology

Students are always in need of personalized, appropriate, and customized personal details regarding courses, attendance, timetables, schedules, assignments, lesson plans, and library resources. Instead of setting different manual departments for each of them, you could utilize a computerized maintenance system to automate work order of every aspect of campus management and ease off the hassles.

Remember that whatever improvement you invest in needn’t cost you your bank balance. If done in a wise, smart, and affordable manner, it will not just boost efficiency but also student satisfaction.

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