Most Incredible Prosthetic Leg Ever Is Made From LEGO Bricks

You know we are LEGO fanatics at Bit Rebels, and you also know that we’ve written about the most insane LEGO builds ever. This LEGO build goes beyond them all. It’s a LEGO prosthetic leg! I can’t stop staring at how awesome this is. Of course, it wasn’t intended for everyday use. If someone used a prosthetic leg made out of LEGO bricks for everyday use, well, let’s just say they’d probably be in for some tumbles. But that doesn’t take away from its awesomeness.

According to her YouTube channel, Christina Stephens is a practicing occupational therapist, clinical researcher and peer educator. She is “chronicling her journey from foot crush injury to amputation and beyond.” She offers a unique perspective since she is a healthcare receiver and provider. She posts a different video every Wednesday.

Last month, one of the videos she posted showed her building a LEGO prosthetic leg for herself. It’s the only 5 minute video I’ve watched from start to finish in a very long time. Someone in her research lab made a joke that she should make a prosthetic leg out of LEGO, and she decided to go home and do it.

Not only is this a great example of how to enjoy life regardless of any limitations the outside world might see, but it’s one of the geekiest LEGO builds ever. It really shows her style and spunky attitude, and I love it! Kudos to you Christina. You can follow Christina’s YouTube channel (linked above) or you can connect with her on Facebook. Now sit back, get comfortable and watch this video which will school you in how to make a prosthetic leg out of LEGO bricks.

The Prosthetic Leg Built With LEGO Bricks

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