Interactive 3D Model Of Darth Vader’s Epic Tie Fighter

Have you ever watched a Star Wars movie and wondered what it would be like to check out those epic spaceships up close? The Star Wars series has some of the most inspiring spacecrafts ever created, and every time I watch any of those movies, I always wonder what the concept designer was inspired by or if the spaceships were completely freehanded. One spaceship in particular has become synonymous with darkness and mystery, and that ship is of course Darth Vader’s epic tie fighter. But we never really get to check it out up close for some reason. Maybe George Lucas wanted it to remain mysterious, and so he never really showed it in detail. Well, that doesn’t matter anymore since you now have the chance to check it out as an interactive 3D model.

This mind-blowing interactive 3D model was created and uploaded to Sketchfab by Trigrou, and it is a super detailed model of Darth Vader’s Tie fighter. You will be able to rotate and zoom it to your heart’s desire, and you’ll see the details that you have never before been able to see up close. I am a huge fan of 3D in general (especially 3D printing), and I know from experience that creating 3D models with this amount of detail aren’t exactly easy or fast to create. It’s a nice gesture by Trigrou to upload it for free so everyone has a chance to check it out.

If you have a WebGL-compatible browser, you will be able to start the interactive viewer right here on Bit Rebels and check it out. It’s amazing how far technology has come, and this interactive 3D model is surely proof of that. I just wish there were blinking buttons and lights, colors and all those other details on it. Maybe it’s in the works, I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be epic if you could see the ship in all its glory, in color, and on top of that, be able to rotate and zoom around? Big props to Trigrou for uploading this.

Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter As Interactive 3D Model

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Via: [Technabob]