Interactive Shirts – The New Trend

As you all know by now, I am a t-shirt guy. I mean, really. I save them like they were the most precious thing in the world. I sometimes get t-shirts given to me by companies from around the world because of the kind of work I do (producing, writing songs, blogging, etc…). Sometimes they pile up. Make no mistakes about it though. I love them and wear them as much as I can. So if you have one that you’d like to send me, just go ahead.

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s a cool one. We’ve heard about electronically enhanced t-shirts with guitars and what not, but have you ever heard of “Interactive Shirts?” I guess not, right? It’s a “new” breed of t-shirts and shirts that enable you to interact with the shirt itself. Duh!

It’s rather easy really and needs no explanation more than a few snaps of the wonderful designs and cuts. Just slip one of these shirts on and you are more than likely to score a convo at one of those meet-ups you’re going to. And the ladies will love you for it… at least if you have a six pack (so pretentious). I guess being a geek has its positive and negative moments.