Introducing The Reusable Toilet Paper Roll!

I admit, I had second thoughts about writing on this topic. After all, do we really want or need to reuse anything that is associated with the toilet paper we use? I know it’s important for the environment that we recycle, but is this going too far? I dunno, you decide.

This is the concept in a nutshell… designer Kim Ji-eun designed this toilet paper called Day Re. On the surface, it looks like a regular toilet paper roll. However, when the paper is gone, instead of throwing away the brown cardboard roll, you would undo the little sticker, unroll it and there is your memo pad to use for your to-do list, shopping reminders, etc… I could get into this. I think it’s a smart idea. I bet over my lifetime alone I’ve thrown away hundreds of those brown cardboard rolls. It could be kind of neat to use them for a change.

[via Yanko Design]