iPad Wear: Compatible Jacket For Carrying Your iPad

I was talking to a salesman for the Samsung Galaxy Pad the other day and at first he had me in a shackle with all the more positive specs compared to the iPad. I myself am an iPad person, and it has given me more joy and freedom than I otherwise would have had constantly working on Bit Rebels, design projects and music. However, then we came to the speed, stability and screen size, and it all changed. This conversation probably took as many turns as any formula one track you can imagine. When I left, I felt a bit uneasy over the Galaxy Pad. Why? Well when he showcased the thing, it of course lagged even when flicking through the apps, and the interface seemed slow and crowded. Maybe it was, just like he pointed out, due to a ton of apps he had going at the same time.

However, one sales aspect that he definitely was spot on with was that the Samsung Galaxy surely is easier to carry with you. It fits in your ordinary pocket, and with a bluetooth headset, it pretty much makes the whole calling process a lot more streamlined. So what do we do with the iPad when we’re on a mobile track for business? Well, until now, we’ve been forced to carry the thing in our bag or in a case.

SCOTTEVEST has the solution to all our problems. With a larger in-jacket pocket, you are able to stash away your iPad. With the revolutionary weight technology, you won’t hardly feel the tension on one side as the weight is distributed evenly across the jacket at all times. The fact that Steve “Woz” Wozniak sports one himself should be leverage enough for any geek to get one.