iPhone Audio Dock Breathes Tron All Over Your Home!

Ever since I saw the Tron Legacy movie, I have been looking forward to seeing it again. Call me an idiot or something, but I was entirely captivated by the special effects and the cool of the movie. I really enjoyed the many ingenious ideas and the technology. I strongly believe we’ll see many companies trying to copy these in the near future. Sure, we’ll probably see the light cycles and all, but maybe not the way they magically appear and becomes drivable. I mean, we’ll see the more subtle and clean design approach that the whole movie has. There have been so many different things that has been “Tronified” since the movie was released (and even before it was released as well), so it is becoming quite boring watching new ideas spring up with the Tron incarnated approach.

However, there are some things that just need to be seen before we entirely brush them off our shoulders while waiting for the next tech movie to hit the box office top chart. One of those things is the Tron Light Disc Audio Dock for your iPhone or iPod. Not too much needs to be said about it more than it’s mimicking the design of the light disc found in the movie.

It is the perfect geek accessory for your pad if you wish to show off that edge of technology that outlines your life, and everything you do. It’s listed price is $299.95 over at the Monster website. Monster is also the developer of the gadget, and I guess few would disagree that after watching the short advert about it that you would walk barefoot in a fire just to get one.