Jimmy The Exploder: Cutest Lego Build Ever Shows Emotions

We keep adding to our long list of epic Lego builds here on Bit Rebels since there are a flood of them always hitting our radar. As I have stated before, we really try to feature most of them, but space and time are simply not enough at the moment. We keep all our Lego submissions in a special kind of vault that we are always eager to visit when there is an opening in our schedule to cram one more Lego article in. So just keep submitting your best work, and we’ll make sure we do our very best to get it out to the masses for you. But remember, an epic build doesn’t have to be a large build made up of millions of Lego blocks. It could also be something that is so small that it actually makes it epic in another sense of the word.

That is exactly the case with the builds created by Lego miniature master Victor Bartolome, also known as Wafflebottom. His builds are not only epically small, but they are the epicenter of cute as well. These particular mini builds are called Jimmy The Exploder, and they have a personality that few Lego builds have. By just pivoting the head in different directions, you can make Jimmy express a flood of emotions.

Sometimes it’s the little things that really matter. As you see, a Lego build doesn’t have to be a huge, mammoth scaled castle or spaceship. All you really need to do in order to impress most people is incorporate some kind of soul into what you’re building, and a clear message should be sent along with the visuals. You have to agree, if I may say so myself, that these little epic Lego miniatures are some of the cutest that you have seen a great while, right?




Via: [Brothers-Brick]