Jupiter Beer Case Castle Build: Made To Last

Any man-made structure these days seems to be created in order to make an impression. There are no longer houses being built just to make sense. They all have to be insanely impressive, and I find that quite awesome. First we have the everlasting “tallest” build class. That’s a class of builds that I think will never stop impressing us all. There are several new buildings that are planned that are going to be taller than the Burj Khalifa. Sure, it takes a long time to build them, but nowadays it goes super fast when you compare it to the mammoth buildings from back in the ancient times. Those could take decades, and they usually didn’t stand even close to some of the moderately tall buildings built these days.

There are of course some other buildings that keep impressing us. Those are the buildings made from odd materials, and they usually go viral once they hit the Internet. I am sure this one will be widely recommended since it is one of those awesome structures created purely out of odd materials. The odd materials I am talking about here are beer cases. I don’t know if it is a PR stunt for Jupiter Beer, but I think it is.

It’s actually a Jupiter beer case castle! Yeah, it’s truly impressive and the architecture is ingeniously done. I sure wouldn’t mind hanging out in there to have a cold brewski. They used several thousand beer cases to make this insane build which seemed to still be in progress when these photos were taken. I am sure we’ll see a whole series of pictures once the build is finished. I wonder if they plan to set something up in there like a bar, or maybe it’s just for a commercial. Either way, this thing is truly off the hook and deserves to get a mention here at Bit Rebels.

Crazy Jupiter Beer Castle Build

Crazy Jupiter Beer Castle Build

Via [Nerd Nirvana]