JustinCase: iPhone Case Stores Your Emergency Condom

I know watches are almost obsolete at this point, but are wallets on their way out too? Do geek guys still carry one condom in that hidden inside pocket of their wallets… just in case? And then, ironically, when they try to use it, it’s been in their wallet for so long it’s all nasty? We’ve all heard funny stories about that, or seen it in the movies.

Apparently now you have a new option for storing your “emergency condom.” And, it’s in your iPhone. [Insert cheesy jokes here because even phone sex should be safe. Lol] Being the curious person that I am, I can’t help but think about all the things you could hide in this hidden iPhone case compartment.

However, since apparently it only hides special condoms that are super-slim, I guess not too much will fit in that small space. Bummer, because it would be nice if someone would invent a functional iPhone case that would hold my driver’s license, lip-gloss and a couple bucks. Then I would have no use for a purse, and I could be hands-free every time I go out. Hmm… #wishfulthinking I suppose. Appropriately called justinCase, this iPhone case will probably appeal to a lot of people. Based on the condom colors, I’m assuming they think the ladies will carry one of these with them also. This is just a concept design at the moment, but I have a funny feeling it will be a real product soon enough.

Smartphone Case Stores Condom

Smartphone Case Stores Condom

Via: [Dvice] [Yanko Design]