King Koopa’s Super Mario Propaganda Posters

There has been infinite support for Super Mario through the years, and of course that is because he is the hero of his whole concept. However, if you thought that was the only side that people are voting for, then you are ultimately wrong. There is the evil side as well, and King Koopa is keeping his minions close and encouraging them to do Super Mario harm on his way to save the princess from the the Koopa shackles. I keep wondering how the princess keeps getting herself into this predicament all the time, but then again, without it we wouldn’t have the Super Mario games would we?

In order for Koopa to keep his minions evil and on their toes, there are some tactics he has to use. Well, that is at least the case if you ask the people over at Fro Design Co. who just happen to have put their minds together to create these Anti Super Mario Propaganda Posters. It’s a set of four really well designed, and kind of retro I might add, propaganda posters that will have anyone join the evil side instead of rooting for Super Mario.

It’s nice to see a development for the evil side for once. We are too used to seeing Super Mario in every possible positive environment, and he seems to always end up being the hero who saves the day. What would it be like if King Koopa wins for once? Nintendo should really push out a game with multiple endings where King Koopa gets the same victorious ending as Super Mario always gets even though he just completes the obstacles in one level. And before I forget about it, who the hell fires off those fireworks when Super Mario completes a level anyways? What’s the name of THAT character? Does anyone know?

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Anti Super Mario Propaganda Posters